Mango Huddle

Author: Miriam Komuhendo Illustrator: Benjamin Buhamizo Imagine the fun experience of bonding over mangoes! This is an exciting story about 5 friends who learn the importance of working together as they surpass seemingly insurmountable odds and emerge victorious, to share in a mango feast.  Children will see themselves in these lovable and relatable characters asContinue reading “Mango Huddle”

Double Blessings

Author: Shamion Allotey-Babington In her debut book, Shamion takes us on a journey of the conception of her twin boys Mekhi and Mansa.She talks about praying for a baby each night and when she was blessed, her heart was filled with overflowing joy to know that it was not one but two bundles of joy.Continue reading “Double Blessings”

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