Young Brother, You Got It!

Author: Jay Z. Little

A beautifully illustrated, reassuring children’s book to give Young Black Boys confidence, Good Values, and Positive Self Belief. This affirmational masterpiece gives kids a positive lens of what they can be TODAY and what they can achieve in life. Readers learn confidence, values, and the knowledge that they can accomplish anything without limitations. The author is a therapist, and utilized his own experience, and that of talented illustrator Max Rambaldi to offer kids wise lessons needed for a long, happy life. The kids see themselves in fun and engaging situations where they’re viewed as regular people and an indispensable parts of any group’s success. Young Brother, You Got It! is a fun and engaging read for all ages. It’s a positive bedtime story for parents, grand parents, and caretakers to read to children. The book is a fully illustrated story that makes a perfect adult/child reading session. It can lead to a highly beneficial discussion of a child’s importance and ability to grow to be a responsible, successful, well balanced individual. Above all, this project lets kids know they can’t be limited by false narratives or the failures of others.

Purchase your copy here

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