I am! I can! I will!

Author: Timothy Williams

Inspired by his son, the author desired to make something for young, Black (African-American) boys that would help them see positive and productive images of themselves. He was also inspired by his wife who home-schooled their son for the first years of his life. She read to him as a baby and into his toddler years and exposed him to a range of subjects (mathematics, science, technology, engineering, etc.) and vocabulary words that helped to broaden his natural creativity and endless imagination. Amazed at what was happening in his own home, the author desired to make something that would inspire others.

“I am! I can! I will!” This is a book for Black boys to help spark creativity and ignite their imagination. This book was made to help them see that they can become the new leaders, rulers and builders of a new and better world. This book is also for parents, grandparents, guardians, siblings, teachers, preachers, professors and anyone who desires to inspire future generations of Black boys.

Purchase your copy here

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