Giraffes Don’t Talk to Ants

Author: Lauren Poteat

Illustrator: Tosin Akinwande

On the tall lush plains of South Africa, a tiny brown Ant patiently awaits the adventure of a lifetime when he decides to take a chance and do something different. Oh so daring, Ant number 42 not only discovers perseverance, but the importance of being brave and claiming his own name. A fun read for the entire family.

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I am! I can! I will!

Author: Timothy Williams

Inspired by his son, the author desired to make something for young, Black (African-American) boys that would help them see positive and productive images of themselves. He was also inspired by his wife who home-schooled their son for the first years of his life. She read to him as a baby and into his toddler years and exposed him to a range of subjects (mathematics, science, technology, engineering, etc.) and vocabulary words that helped to broaden his natural creativity and endless imagination. Amazed at what was happening in his own home, the author desired to make something that would inspire others.

“I am! I can! I will!” This is a book for Black boys to help spark creativity and ignite their imagination. This book was made to help them see that they can become the new leaders, rulers and builders of a new and better world. This book is also for parents, grandparents, guardians, siblings, teachers, preachers, professors and anyone who desires to inspire future generations of Black boys.

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It’s In You: A Book For Big Dreamers

Author: Sharifa Anozie

Through playful rhyme, humor and dazzling illustrations, It’s In You inspires young readers to have big dreams and to follow their instincts. It uses the life cycle of a butterfly to metaphorically teach them that even through many obstacles or failures they may encounter, everything they need to succeed is already within. This book encourages young readers to be persistent, determined, and to never give up.

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Double Blessings

Author: Shamion Allotey-Babington

In her debut book, Shamion takes us on a journey of the conception of her twin boys Mekhi and Mansa.She talks about praying for a baby each night and when she was blessed, her heart was filled with overflowing joy to know that it was not one but two bundles of joy. So within this book Shamion wants women out there to know that their blessings will soon arrive in abundance.

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Young Brother, You Got It!

Author: Jay Z. Little

A beautifully illustrated, reassuring children’s book to give Young Black Boys confidence, Good Values, and Positive Self Belief. This affirmational masterpiece gives kids a positive lens of what they can be TODAY and what they can achieve in life. Readers learn confidence, values, and the knowledge that they can accomplish anything without limitations. The author is a therapist, and utilized his own experience, and that of talented illustrator Max Rambaldi to offer kids wise lessons needed for a long, happy life. The kids see themselves in fun and engaging situations where they’re viewed as regular people and an indispensable parts of any group’s success. Young Brother, You Got It! is a fun and engaging read for all ages. It’s a positive bedtime story for parents, grand parents, and caretakers to read to children. The book is a fully illustrated story that makes a perfect adult/child reading session. It can lead to a highly beneficial discussion of a child’s importance and ability to grow to be a responsible, successful, well balanced individual. Above all, this project lets kids know they can’t be limited by false narratives or the failures of others.

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Faith A. Perkins, The Military Brat

Author: Faith & Neka Perkins

Faith dedicates this book to all the military brats, who have to endure the everyday struggles of military life as a kid. Those outside looking in sees the military full of opportunity but never see or experience the many obstacles faced firsthand. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
This book is about Faith’s life as a military “brat”. Her Dad, Lieutenant Travis Perkins, is a 22-year Active Duty Air Traffic Controller in the world’s finest United States Navy. For some, this is an awesome accomplishment but to Faith this means long military deployments, many absences away from her Dad, as well as, other family members, and feelings of sadness. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Through a conversation with her Mom, Faith hopes she can help all military brats feel they have rightfully and respectfully earned the title, Military Brat! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Annie’s Fashion Passion Purpose

Author: An’Drese L. Hopkins

Annie’s Fashion Passion & Purpose is a hope book for boys and girls around the world to understand that their creativity and passion has purpose. Inspirational speaker and Pastor, An’Drese L. Hopkins and artist Tyrus Kendrix has released an eclectic illustrated book geared for any aged child or young person. This is the perfect gift to purchase for home reading or schools and educational programs as a resource for demonstrating the merger of the concept, where a dream builds self-esteem and creativity finds purpose.

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